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Message  Alatriste le Dim 14 Jan 2018 - 9:09


Un petit R75/5  biker

Pardon pour les non anglicismes. Stojanovic family 882154

 «This motorcycle is built on the base of 1972 BMW R75/5, basically in 2004 we bought a bike that you can see at one of the attached picture, took everything apart and sat for a drawing board. From that moment it took us almost three years to bring it to this condition.

Stojanovic family Mwznf4

To start with the frame, we kept the original one from BMW with the minor adjustments for the rear shock absorbers. The original 750ccm engine is also rebuilt completely and while being disassembled we polished every square mm of its housing. We upgraded fork and closed it with highly polished stainless steel cover that we designed and built. Rear swing arm was built almost from the scratch due to the shock absorbers angle change. Then we come to the bodywork, fenders and tank, they are also unique, to build them we had to make wooden molds first and then to shape metal. Engine and fender guards, exhaust pipes, mufflers and all decoration parts are absolutely stainless steel hand made. Wheels are BMW original, but polished to high gloss. Also driver seat is completely handmade, starting from the seat carrier to the black and white leather finish.

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The favorite part was the moment we started it and made the loop around the block. The hardest part for this custom project was to adjust rear swing arm and shock absorber as well as making the molds for tank and fenders. The finished custom BMW R75/5 has the classic spirit of 70s, a fantastic build from the Stojanovic family.»

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Message  flatmanu le Dim 14 Jan 2018 - 9:38

J ' adore le style , custom classe façon indian avec ses garde boue enveloppant  bien bien

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